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Staff pp.png
Group Color       Gold
Years Active 2015-Present
Agency 2xWings

STAFF are the people working behind the scenes. From the CEO to the choreographer, all of the members apart of staff make sure things are running smoothly within the company. They push to offer the best quality they can to fans.

Before the creation of 2xWings, multiple staff members worked at ADA (Angel Demon Academy), and worked with the students there to help them become school idols, artists, and entertainers. The creation of Uta Shoujo began here.


  • CEO: TBA
  • Vocal trainers: TBA
  • Choreographers: Sayuri
  • Managers: TBA
  • Lyricists: TBA
  • Composers: TBA
  • Arrangers: TBA
  • Camera Directors: TBA

  • Mei - Creator of ADA & 2xWings
  • Luna - Co-creator of 2xWings
  • Rozza - Co-creator of 2xWings

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