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Yìng Táng
Single by Uta Shoujo
Native title 硬糖
Released September 17th, 2020
Genre C-Pop
Format CD
digital download
Length 6:42
Label 2xWings
Music Yìng Táng
Uta Shoujo Singles Chronology
Previous Grapefruit Moon / Sunday! Sunshine! 14th Single

Yìng Táng (硬糖; Our Shining Time) is Uta Shoujo's Chinese debut single.

It is the Chinese debut release for Uta Shoujo after the company expanded to China.

Single Information[]

  • Lyrics: Jiao Dong (焦东)
  • Music: Daniel Kim, Megan Lee, Jeremy G


  1. Yìng Táng (硬糖; Our Shining Time)
  2. Yìng Táng (instrumental)

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